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Some parts available in Metric Sizes

    Hole Plugs,    Arrow Clips,    Ratchet & Quik Binder Fasteners,    Poly Drive Rivets   Push-In Fasteners,     Spin Clips,     Anchor Rivets,    Removable Rivets,    Screw Anchors   Shutter Pins,    Port Covers,   Window Plugs,   Knockout Plugs,   Vent Hole Plugs   Grommet Nuts,   Pipe Plugs,   Mini-Rivets,   Snap Tacks,   Dome & Tack,    Emblem Clips   2-Piece Screw Rivets,    Adjustable Male Mini-Rivets,   Panel Cinching Rivets,  and more being added daily....

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Many parts also available in Metric Sizes

Lock Nuts,   Threading Lock Nuts,   Wing Nuts (Clear Decorative, Deco, Locking Deco),  Hex Nuts (Nylon,  Special Hex,  Polycarbonate Hex,  Jam,   Jam w/washer face,  Flange),   Dress Nuts,  Flange Nuts,  Splined Panel Nuts  Slotted Thumb Nuts,  Knurled Thumb Nuts & type "A",  Locking Cap Nuts  Cap Nuts,  Compression Nuts,  Compression Plug,  Compression Connectors  Toilet Seat Nuts,  Toilet Seat Bolts,  Full Assortment - Screws-Bolts-Threaded Rods and Solid Rods,  Knobs,   Full Assortment of Washers, Insulators, Spacers, etc.,  and more being added daily.......

Link to Computer Hardware and related parts - under construction

Many parts also available in Metric Sizes

Cable Clamps, Cable Holders, Wire/Tube Retaining Straps, Quick Mount Clamps  Ribbon Cable Clamps,  Adhesive-Back Wire Clamps,  Tabbed Wire Clips   Contour Clips,  Releasable Adhesive Backed Wire Clips,  Heavy-Duty Clips  Spring Clips,  Single-Sided Adhesive Backed Clips,  Double-Sided Adhesive Backed Clips,  Releasable Clamps,  Fuel Line Clips,  Lampcord Bushings-- (threaded, internal and external types),  LED Holders,  LED Spacers,  LED Standoff Mounts,  Anti-twist bushings,  Threaded Bushing - 2-Piece,  Insulating Bushings (hole plug type) -- (open-hole and fingered-hole types), Cord Strain Relief Bushings,  Panel-Edge Wire Protector Grommeting (stiff) & Continuous Flexible Grommeting   Beaded Cable Ties,  Spiral Wrap (Natural, Black, Flourescent Safety, Standard Packaging Options,  Twist Lock Supports,  PCB Mounting Hardware (Full Line - Adhesive backed, Push-In Mount, Threaded Mount, Double Push-in Mount, Stackable Mounts, etc.,...  and many more being added daily.


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